OLIVE OIL … easy to use!

  • COMBINE with a balsamic vinegar or wine vinegar for salad dressings or in a marinade recipe.
  • COMBINE with ingredients to make a pesto or bruschetta.
  • COMBINE with spices to make a bread dip.
  • DRIZZLE or pour over roasted vegetables, pasta, meats, soups, stews.
  • RUB onto meat before grilling or baking.
  • MIX into batter of baked goods (to replace vegetable oil); to see how to

replace for solid fats, pick up our Make A Switch chart.

  • MIX into a granola recipe for the oil portion.
  • ADD to smoothies, oatmeal/other hot cereals for added health benefits.
  • SAUTE meats and veggies with olive oil.
  • RUB onto skin to moisturize & revitalize.


  • COMBINE with an olive oil for salad dressings, marinades or bread dips.
  • COMBINE with a sweet wine (we suggest Somerset Ridge Winery) for a light drink.
  • DRIZZLE over fresh fruit or desserts.
  • MIX into recipes for glazes or sauces.
  • MIX into batters of sturdy baked goods (like scones).
  • REDUCE down until thick to create a syrup or glaze.
  • BRUSH onto meat during last few minutes of grilling or baking to form a glaze.
  • ADD to cold carbonated water for a natural soda drink.
  • ADD to smoothies, oatmeal and other food for a natural sweetener.
  • DRIZZLE over roasted vegetables or meats.