This is a delicious pan-seared pork tenderloin rubbed with Wild Mushroom/Sage olive oil and sprinkled with Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt, then drizzled with an Espresso Dark Balsamic reduction ... served on a Himalalyan salt block (optional)!


1 trimmed pork tenderloin (trim off fat all around).

1 T Tasteful Olive's Wild Mushroom/Sage infused olive oil

1 tsp Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt (available at The Tasteful Olive)

1 T Tasteful Olive's Espresso Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Rub pork with the olive oil and sprinkle the salt over it.

Sear pork on medium heat* and rotate pork every other minute for 6 minutes. Let pork rest for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, reduce the Espresso Balsamic into a syrupy consistence and drizzle over the sliced pork tenderloin. Slice into pieces to serve.

          *If using salt block, put salt block directly on the grill or on a gas range and let heat up first. Then place meat on top.

     recipe by Chef Jim Tinkham