1 lb beef (preferably free range)

1 med red onion, cut in rings

2 C coarsely cut sweet potato greens

4 T Strawberry Mustard or other fruit mustard

1/4 C Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar from The Tasteful Olive

4 wheat buns

1/4 C pulverized saltine crackers

1/4 C Mushroom/Sage Extra Virgin Olive Oil from The Tasteful Olive

1/2 lb  sheep brie cheese


Mix the beef, 1/8 C mushroom olive oil and 1/4 C saltine crackers in small mixing bowl. Make 4 patties, set aside.

In small sauce pan, reduce the balsamic by one-fourth. In another small pan, start browning the red onion; when onions start to brown, add remaining mushroom olive oil. Cook patties to desired wellness.

Assemble the burger by spreading the mustard on the bottom of the buns, then layer on the pattie, brie, red onion and sweet potato greens. Drizzle the blueberry reduction on the greens. Place on the bun-tops and enjoy!  Best enjoyed with sweet potato fries drizzled with The Tasteful Olive's truffle oil.

recipe by Royce Rogers