5 Marlin steaks, 3/4" thick

3 tsp capers (can be purchased at The Tasteful Olive)

2 lemon slices

2 eggs (beaten) or Egg Beaters substitute

Flour (to coat)

Bread crumbs (to coat)

1/4 C butter (or use 3 T Tasteful Olive's Korosafflo blended high-heat oil)

Garlic salt




Lightly season the steaks with garlic salt and pepper. Dust in the flour and roll in the egg. Then roll them in the bread crumbs. Heat skillet with the oil or butter (or do half and half). Squeeze lemon juice in and add about 1/2 of the capers. Cook half of the steaks, then add the rest of the capers and cook the other steaks. Don't overcook (Marlin can turns into "leather" quickly). 

* If you don't have capers, try green olives but use more of them and chop them real fine.

* The Marlin steaks grill very nicely, too, with this recipe.