2 med. red and yellow bell peppers, about 1 lb

3 T The Tasteful Olive's Pomegranate Quince balsamic vinegar

1 T The Tasteful Olive's Red Cayenne Chile (or Chipotle) olive oil

1/2 C brown sugar

Pinch of cayenne pepper

Pinch of sea salt


Place the red and yellow peppers on open flame and roast until soft. Remove from heat and wrap in plastic wrap about 20 min. to "sweat" the peppers, then peel the skin off (or used canned peppers). Put 1/4 C water, the pinch of pepper, sugar and Balsamic Vinegar in pan to simmer on med. heat for 20 min.  Add all remaining ingredients, sitr in and remove from heat. Put mixture in food processor or blender and place in refregerator for an hour, or overnight. To serve, blend slowly and add more balsamic vinegar to taste if desired. This mixture cannot be canned unless perservatives are added.


Recipe by Chef Brian Blackman

Executive Chef, St. Luke's Hospital South