Frequently Asked Questions - Olive Oil

Olive Oil
Olive oil is the oil obtained solely from the fruit of the olive tree and excludes oils obtained using solvents or mixtures of other types of oils.
These terms can be misleading. Extra virgin olive oil by definition can ONLY be the FIRST extraction. It also should have as little heat as possible added (maximum of 72 degrees F) from the mechanical means of pressing, hence the term "cold-pressed."
  • Extra Virgin - The highest grade of olive oil; it is the first and only extraction of oil from olives, has no other added oils, and is pressed from olives with NO defects and FFA levels are 0.8% acidity or less.

    Olives used in this grade of oil need to be pressed within 12 hours of picking to save unnecessary oxidation and damage to the fruit.

    Furthermore, it is best that olives be pressed without the use of chemicals, and in the mechanical processing method without heat above 72 degrees F.

    * The FFA (free fatty acid) levels speak to the condition of fruit prior to and during to its crushing, as well as the time between harvesting and crushing). Our supplier sets standards at 0.2% acidity or less. The higher the FFA (free fatty acid) level, the greater indication of poor quality fruit, such as damaged, overripe, insect infestation, overheating during production, or too much delay between harvest and crush.

  • Virgin - FFA levels are between 0.8%-2.0%, with SLIGHT defects in the olives.

  • Pure, Light, and Extra Light - FFA levels are between 0.8%-2.0%, with SLIGHT defects in the olives, and many have other refined oils (nut, seed, or poor quality olive oil) added to it.

  • Lampante - FFA levels are 2.0% or more, and are not suitable for direct human consumption without refining.
We recommend you store your olive oils in the bottles that you purchase from The Tasteful Olive, and keep them in a dark space, away from HEAT, LIGHT, and AIR. You do not need to refrigerate your olive oils.

We recommend you consume your olive oil within 9-12 months from the date of purchase.

* It is important to know the HARVEST date and even more importantly, how soon the olives were pressed into oil after picking (within 12 hours after picking is the standard). EVOO ages and loses health benefits, flavor characteristics, and polyphenol counts as it is a perishable fruit. Fresh is best when it comes to your olive oil consumption!

Yes. EVOO’s are delicious and nutritious and can be used for your general cooking needs. We do not recommend using them for your high heat cooking, however. All oil is not created equal. The lower the FFA (free fatty acid) level, the higher the smoke point-needed. Because the olives in our olive oils have been picked and pressed so quickly after the "crush" of harvest, they are very durable oils (can generally withstand heat up to 375 degrees F), with longer shelf life than average or lower quality olive oils.